Marsha Blair has been a registered nurse for over 40 years.  Most of those years were spent working in a hospital, and for 15 years she was Assistant VP of Nursing.  During that time she received a Masters Degree in Gerontology. 

One day in 1997 she decided that she could no longer check her values at the door of her employer.  So she resigned her position to reinvent herself.  That is when her journey into alternative and complementary wellness began.  First she recognized the value of magnets for health and wellness and appreciated what quality supplements can do.  Then she heard about Emotional Freedom Technique, was fascinated by the results and soon got certified in EFT.

Her journey then took her into the realm of Quantum Biofeedback.  She and her entire family were amazed at its thoroughness and effectiveness. So in 2005 she bought a device and hasn't looked back.  Through intense and on-going study, Marsha is a Certified Quantum Biofeedback Specialist.  It is now an integral and important part of her life.

Her knowledge and interests continue to expand including the use of essential oils and colloidal silver. Because of this journey into true personal wellness, Marsha has become a Licensed Spiritual Health Coach and a Certified Nurse Nutritionist.

With the help of her Indigo Electro Dermal Response biofeedback device and other complementary modalities, Marsha has a true appreciation for the value of taking personal responsibility for one's health.  It is now her mission to empower other people to take control of their own lives and health, learn to do what they can to help heal themselves and open their hearts and minds to true healing through Divine guidance.

Marsha Blair is not licensed as a chiropractor, medical doctor, psychologist or psychotherapist and does not portray herself as such. She will not diagnose, treat, or cure any medical or psychological disease, disorder or condition.

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