Would you like to:

Reduce your stress, tenseness and nervousness

Manage your pain

Reduce anger, apprehension and fear

Improve your sense of well-being

Improve your quality of life

Attain an optimal level of peak performance

Release addictions such as smoking and over eating

A study out of Stanford University states that 90% of all illness comes from stress.  Pretty scary!!!  But the good news is that you have many ways with which you can help reduce and prevent stress naturally.  One of these methods is through biofeedback.

The Indigo Biofeedback System was created through years of research into the field of bioenergetices and utilizes similar scientific theories and technological knowledge as devices like ultrasound, MRI, EEG, EKG and others. All measure the body electric in order to provide information to you about the state of your health.  The Indigo however is gentler and less invasive to the body.  It is the most accurate and sensitive technology of its kind for identifying stress reactions to over 10,000 items stored in its database.  The Indigo allows me to have a greater access into your profile of stress;  it is a powerful tool for education, stress reduction and restoration of vibrant wellness.

The Indigo Biofeedback System assists in reconnecting you to your own inner knowing;  revealing your innate wisdom to assist in identifying where to make lifestyle changes and which specific stress reactions to manage.  The human body does not come with an instruction manual.  However, the Indigo can provide the clues necessary to create self-directed control, vitality and thriving.

Through the use of the Indigo Biofeedback System's training programs, I can run stress training programs for muscle "re-education", pain management and brainwave training to improve the quality of your life.

Biofeedback is a great way to “tune-up” your body to give you an edge on what life throws your way.

There are additional ways to help you release stress. Emotional Freedom Technique is another effective technique I use with clients. I will teach you how to use it on yourself.

I look forward to helping you take responsibility for your life and health.

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